Let's build a web3 music bot

Every week, Songcamp and Elektra DAO have community calls on Discord. And every week, we start our calls with music. Cuz vibes.

Yesterday, when I tried connecting the Rhythm Bot into the Songcamp squad phone, I got this response…


Rhythm has closed its service after receiving a takedown notice from YouTube. Rhythm is used in 20 million communities, and now all these communities have no access to vibes! What a sad sad thing.

I then navigated to the Groovy Bot website so we could salvage the start of our discord call with some grooves. Same thing…


No vibes or rhythms or grooves.

Yesterday’s call was still amazing, because we have an incredible group of people at Songcamp. But there’s no doubt that the first few minutes of our call were pretty lacklustre and boring. (I was gonna play 8 Out Of 10 by Drake 😊)

Let’s fix this…with web3

We want music in our Discords. Thus, we need a web3 music Discord bot. Here is how we can start…

Catalog is the music NFT marketplace. Incredible music is minted as 1-of-1 NFTs on Catalog and collected by friends and fans. These songs are created and minted by independent artists who are ready to explore alternative paths to realizing value for their art. These paths transcend our current pay for consumption models. Thus, they transcend the problems that Rhythm and Groovy bots run into, as those bots pull from YouTube and Spotify catalogs.

So let’s build a web3 music discord bot. This can begin as a bot that pulls songs minted on Catalog, and points people in the Discord call to the NFT itself on Catalog as it plays. In doing so, we get awesome music for our discord call vibes, and artists get their 1-of-1 NFTs in front of potential collectors.

BPM: A Discord Bot that streams Catalog Songs

We’ve got our upcoming Songcamp heartbeat call this Monday at 4pm ET. And we need music for it. So the goal is to create a functional Discord bot that streams Catalog NFTs by this coming Monday.

The plan is as follows:

  1. Fund the creation of the BPM Discord bot — an MVP + a landing page that provides bot command instructions
  2. Create the BPM Discord bot
  3. Release the BPM Discord bot

By funding the creation of BPM via this crowdfund, you’ll receive $BPM tokens. These represent your contribution to the creation of the bot. Should this Discord bot product be successful, I’d love to build out a bigger collective to fund and create more Discord bots for the web3 community. Naturally this organization would take an equally web3, decentralized approach. Should we stand up said DAO in the future, it would make sense to recognize and reward $BPM holders as the initial backers of the collective’s genesis project.

We are budgeting 1ETH from this crowdfund to go towards the developer that can build this bot’s MVP. The remaining budget will go towards the continued product development and maintenance of this bot, allowing us to build out new features and make this the best music bot for Discord there.

Calling all Discord bot developers

We have some potential dev help to put this together, but they are extremely busy with other projects. I’d love to find a developer, with Discord bot building experience preferably, who can lead the build of this bot.

If interested please DM me on Twitter.