Book of the Twins: Chapter II

It was the first slice of Summer, and Mava left his home to begin his journey through the plains of Asher. He was to cross the plains and start his training as a Diplomatic Ambassador for his House in the main city of Tulem.

But on the 3rd day, in the deepening heat of the sun, Mava fell faint.

When he awoke, Mava was no longer in the desert. He was in a lush meadow, a rainforest, a beauty unlike he'd ever seen. No climate for millions of acres in every direction could support such life. Yet here he was.

He stood up and walked about. The water was fresh and glistening, with animals — deer, birds, fish — enjoying its cold and refreshing wake. The colours were overwhelming. Blues and purples and yellows and greens burst before him in patternship and beauty.

And here he stayed. He travelled through the Forest and survived off manna sent from the Heavens. And on the 7th day, Ur, began to speak to him. At first quietly, and then with more and more clarity — Ur, the All-Mother, revealed that he was to invigorate his people with Source, with the truth of wisdom and freedom and surrender. That his people have grown to escape the Truth of Being. And that time has come to restore a sense of Unity in all things.

Mava lived here, sustained on manna, for a long time. But the sense of time never entered. An Extreme Presence soaked into every corner of his perception. And union with the forest, the animals, and all things reignited in his Heart.

A sense of resting flooded him. Like a liquid of Light pouring into his spine, cooling his nervous system. A power of infinite supply naturally came to be. And all was well. —

The orange sun, of a toiling and harsh heart, sliced across Mava's face, as his eyes squinted open to see the baking plains of Asher. He tried to sit up, but a writhing pain shot through his abdomen. He looked up to see a silhouette walking towards him.

"You're awake," said the voice, happy and sweet.

The tall silhouette moved closer, and their form came into view. Long brown hair, a soft warm face smiling at him for what felt like an eternity.

"I am Ohfal," they said. "My sisters found you many moons ago, alone and asleep in the desert. Your body was near covered in sand. You must have been there a long time." Ohfal soaked a piece of soft fabric in cool water and pressed it against Mava's forehead. "It is so nice to see you with eyes open."

Mava tried to say something, but his dry mouth couldn't make a sound. "Here." Ohfal handed him a cup of cold water. Mava drank it whole. "Thank you," he whispered, feeling grateful to this wonderful being for the water and the tremendous care in sustaining his life. "What day are we?”

Ohfal spoke slowly. "It is the 12th day of Antal, in the year 4002." Mava couldn't believe these words. He'd left home in 3098.

"I must return to my family," he said, trying again to sit up. The same electric pain shot through him. Ohfal stopped his motion. "You must rest. You have been unconscious for a very long time. It will take you time and effort to get up again, walk again, before you can travel at great lengths."

Ohfal laid Mava back down. "Rest now, I will bring you a meal."

Mava closed his eyes. He felt confused and frustrated, sensations that felt foreign to him. Yet his Heart was whole, and it spoke to him the confidence of the Forest.

"Thank you, My Love." Mava whispered, and allowed himself to rest.


Cover Image illustration by @lladonika + @hafiizkarim of Loot Voxels

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