Book Of The Twins: Chapter 1

"I never thought I'd see you again."

Hiram gave his older brother a strong and burly hug.

"A cup of cold water, brother. The journey has been long." Mava Tow looked tired and old, with cracked skin and sun marks under his eyes. He hadn't been home in over 4 years.

Hiram fetched a clean glass of water and handed it to his brother, who gulped it down in one fell swoop.

Hiram Tow thought his brother had died over 3 years ago, after the family waited several excruciating months for message of his safe arrival in the City of Tulem. A message never came.

Hiram looked closely at his once strong and mighty brother Mava, who now looked weak and exhausted. "Where have you been dear brother?"

Mava sat down at the wooden table, and took a thick bronze ring out of his pocket. He slowly put the ring down on the table. “I’ll tell you…”

Chapter 2 coming soon

Cover Artwork by @lladonika and @hafiizkarim. Find more of their work at Loot Voxels on OpenSea.

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